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Our specialist app development team helps UK brands to keep up with customers on the move. We design and develop apps for optimum interaction across all mobile platforms.

Your customers are on the move - and so are we. We have streamlined and simplified our app development process to make it straightforward and accessible for all our clients, large and small.

We like to think our four stages demystify the app-building process:

  1.  We Discuss
  2.  We Design
  3.  We Develop
  4.  We Launch

Our finished apps are designed to reflect and strengthen your brand and we harness the unique qualities of this platform to maximise impact and customer usability.

Don’t get left behind. Talk to us about how an app would work for your business. It’s easier than you think.


We are living in the future... While there's no sign of flying cars yet, the mobile device is taking over; the number of people viewing the internet on a phone or tablet overtook the number being on laptops and desktops for the first time in 2014.

This makes it critical for businesses to get their online offering right for those customers on the move. Our apps are designed to cleverly exploit the unique opportunities offered by this mobile technology. We aim to give your customers an easy point of contact with the key aspects of your business, whatever device they are using.

Are these same customers currently frustrated by your mobile-unfriendly website?


A large proportion of the apps that we build are business focussed, often designed to streamline a process using web, app and cloud based technology to the benefit of the business and the user, which is sometimes the employees.

To give you some idea of the complexity of projects we can accommodate, and the ways an app can benefit a business we have provided app solutions for corporates such as Glencore where their app provides live data direct from the stock exchange, giving immediate prices for commodities direct to the user at the touch of a button, crucial across many markets linking user with financial information.

We have built a system and app that tracks cows on farms across the world, the corporate client needed help understanding the cows' general wellbeing over their lifetime to ensure the cows lead a happy healthy life, this in turn, resulted in improvements in milk yields.

We have built apps and voice recognition systems for speeding up the process of carrying out inventory’s on rental properties complete with comprehensive automatically generated reports.

Trimble approached us to build FastTest, an advanced electrical inspection and testing certification app for commercial or domestic installations. The tablet app enables professional electricians to input data on site and real time at properties saving valuable time and storing data securely. We have designed and built electrical and gas compliancy apps where all the data is gathered on the app and produces reports and health and safety certification apps.

In addition to business to business apps, we also build apps for consumers from tourist information apps to examination apps, social apps, secure apps with end to end encryption and utilities apps.

Often our apps are enterprise level releases so do not necessarily appear in app stores and are often built for release in the clients own account.


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