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    We Are a Dynamic Team of Dedicated Professionals

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We are an experienced team of professionals, dedicated to providing the right solutions across software development using cloud-based web and app systems, apps and websites.


Chris came to the design industry as a concept illustrator for GEC which means that he not only had to understand how things work but to ensure they look good. This is a fundamental that he has taken throughout his expansive career which swiftly moved into software development, and has stood him in good stead. Working for over 20 years with mobile, web and app technologies Chris has project managed teams to deliver detailed and complex desktop and cloud based solutions, his ability to find a solution and spot and issue before a project has even begun is uncanny. This benefits our Clients with a thorough and well thought through project solution.






Chris heads up CODEHUB 200 and runs a team of Developers and Designers ensuring Clients get the right solution for their needs.

From a personal side Chris is a family man and has a passion for angling where he often finds solutions to IT problems while on the riverbank with his trusty Husky Jasper.


For software development teams to function effectively, the team must have clearly defined goals, objectives, strategies and tactics.

The CodeHub 200 development team consists of UI/UX Designers, Technical Lead, Project Manager, Software Developers, App Designers and Developers, and Software Testers with a broad range of experience, the ability to rapidly learn and adapt to new situations and be problem solvers by nature.

All of the team have a general understanding of the other roles and related technologies involved in the project. This adds value by developing specialist understanding of the types of projects they typically work on.

The team are encouraged to work together and communicate daily to really be involved in each other’s key area. Chris oversee’s the day to day running of a project.

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